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Alternative Health Solutions is a holistic medicine and natural healing center with a team of licensed health professionals providing you alternative medicine such as Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Rolfing Structural Integration, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Medicine and Metabolic Treatment. Our safe and clinically proven pain management and overall wellness treatment strives for the elimination and prevention of disease. Alternative Health Solutions is complementary to traditional medicine, and we also provide the added value of integrative medicine for dramatically improving your overall health through natural medicine, holistic medicine, nutrition medicine and personalized wellness programs. Call Alternative Health solutions today at (248) 855-8707 to stop smoking, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome depression, stop using prescriptions drugs, reduce and eliminate back pain and neck pain and finally enjoy better health.

Clinically Proven Alternative Medicine And Holistic Medicine

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We pride ourselves on our highly educated and experienced practitioners who specialize in their field of healing.

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We combine our knowledge of nature and eastern and western practices for the best results for your body, mind and spirit.

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Relax and enjoy a safe and healing environment which will align your chakras and produce positive energy.

Alternative Health Solutions And Holistic Medicine Practitioner

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