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Sacro-Occipital Technique

Not long after I had become a patient of Dr. Perkins, I was diagnosed with Chiari Type I Malformation, an abnormality of the brain at the junction of the skull and the spine. More tests revealed that while most of my symptoms were attributable to Chiari malformation, I also had cervical spinal stenosis that was considerably more severe. After conferring with the neurosurgeon regarding treatment options, I also discussed this frightening new development with Dr. Perkins who was compassionate and extremely helpful. I decided to go ahead with cervical laminectomy with fusion, meaning that the area was decompressed and titanium rods and screws were inserted from C2-C6. The surgery was considered successful and I experienced some headache relief and significant relief from the pressure in my head almost immediately. However, because it did not address the Chiari malformation, I still had recurring headaches, body pain, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. After an extensive recovery, I returned to Dr. Perkins not knowing if he could even help me anymore.

Over time, Dr. Perkins found ways to improve my condition despite having hardware in my neck, including Matrix Repatterning. While I can’t begin to explain the technique, I can testify to its efficacy. Dr. Perkins could no longer adjust my neck due to the rods and screws, yet the area still needed healing. Matrix Repatterning allowed him to work on my neck and head using only slight pressure. Because of widespread pain and fatigue due to fibromyalgia, he also conducted a full body assessment and was able to correct other areas of past injury as well. While the treatment is typically painless for the patient, I found it quite painful. Dr. Perkins was able to develop a way to continue the treatment without causing me pain by using a surrogate. Over time I have been able to tolerate the treatments without the use of a surrogate and find it extremely beneficial. In my case, he has used Matrix to significantly help treat headaches, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, digestive issues and TMJ.

Virtually all of my family members and many friends have become patients of Dr. Perkins. Some have had Matrix Repatterning treatments with great success. One in particular is my son who, at age 12, suffered a head injury while sledding. We brought him straight to Dr. Perkins who found him to show signs of concussion (eyes not able to track, dizziness, nausea, headache, seemed to be in a daze). After one Matrix treatment, my son was immediately improved, his eyes were able to track, the dizziness and nausea subsided and he was more present. By the next day, he was fully recovered. It was truly amazing.

If you’re reading this testimonial, you are probably already considering alternative healing techniques and are most likely dissatisfied with traditional medicine. My experience with Dr. Perkins and all of his many healing modalities have proven to be the right choice for me and my family.

Farmington Hills

I met Dr. Perkins at a local lecture on alternative and complementary health care. I am so grateful we met.

I was injured in a serious auto accident in 2000, and suffered from severe headaches, hip discomfort and pain that radiated down my neck, shoulders and arms to the tips of my fingers. I also had tremendous pressure in my ribcage that inhibited my breathing.

I started as a new patient in December, 2003. Dr. Perkins was able to locate and correct injured areas of my spine through Chiropractic. He also used Matrix Repatterning to treat soft tissue injuries around and within my ribcage, along with cranial misalignments which were also a result of the accident. These issues were not addressed medically for three years following the accident.

I have found few chiropractors that apply such varied corrective modalities as Dr. Perkins. My body is very receptive to the subtle, exquisite and highly effective movements used with Matrix Repatterning. Realizing the importance of non-restrictive motion of the body, it is liberating to be set back on track in my healing journey to full functional recovery.

I am also a practitioner of a Native Indian modality and as well as a professional masseuse, working with the body’s communication and promoting stress reduction. I refer my clients and friends to Dr. Perkins to unlock what massage is unable to free up in my clients.

Ann Louise
Canton, MI