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Joy’s Spiral Balancing

 In 1979, Dr. W. Brugh Joy, M.D., published a book called Joy’s Way, An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies. In this book, Dr. Joy describes in great detail, how to perform what he experienced through deep “meditation”, the technique he called “Spiral Meditation”.

From this incredible revelation and Dr. Joy’s inspiring and descriptive experience, the Nine Gates Mystery School of Loomis California ( began teaching this technique to their graduates. Nine Gates modified Dr. Joy’s Spiral Meditation and enhanced the technique by having not one, but two practitioners work on the individual or “subject”. This very powerful modification was named “Spiral Balancing”.

At Alternative Health Solutions, we always want to give credit where credit is due for any of the healing arts we employ. Therefore, we perform and teach Spiral Balancing under the name “Joy’s Spiral Balancing”. This gives Dr. Joy his due credit and recognizes Nine Gates for their role in advancing Dr. Joy’s wonderful work.

Alternative Health Solutions has been using this powerful healing technique for years, to the delight, amazement and satisfaction of our patients. This pure energy cleansing and energy reorganization concept is the most powerful healing therapy that we have ever seen. It is not a religious exercise, but a unique organized energy therapy program, resulting in dramatic clinical results. The most amazing aspect of the therapy is that there is no physical contact between the practitioner and the subject at any time during the treatment.


Because this work utilizes chakra balancing, there has been a temptation by some energy workers to blend it with chakra balancing concepts included in other techniques, such as Reiki. However, Joy’s Spiral Balancing is a stand-alone technique that is most powerful, clean and safe when kept in its pure form, and performed in its most orthodox manner. By blending this work with other energy techniques, the results become watered down. Alternative Health Solutions performs and teaches Joy’s spiral balancing in its pure form.

Debra Jones, the Executive Director of Nine Gates Mystery School says, “Spiral Balancing is not a Reiki technique, but it is a meditative technique that is a healing tool which allows a person’s inherent energetic blueprint to become more available for more rapid inner healing.”

The entire session can last anywhere from one to two hours. While fully clothed, the subject lies comfortably and fully relaxed on a massage table. Lights in the room are soft and dim, preferably with sounds of nature or soothing music playing quietly in the background.

Because the energy of the palm of the hands is almost always pure and almost always flowing powerfully, it can be used by practitioners of the healing arts to help activate and organize a person’s energies, allowing the body to heal more rapidly. (See Energy Medicine, James Oschman, pg. 102).

“Chakras” are energy centers in the body that help organize, activate, and define the individual’s inherent innate unique “energy blueprint.” Some of the main chakras are the “throat chakra”, the “heart chakra”, the “stomach chakra”, and the “root chakra” (located over the pelvis floor). Modern neurological science validates these centers, as areas where nerve bundles or “plexuses” organize and accelerate nerve energy. It is no coincidence that the nerve plexuses correlate exactly to the location of the chakras in the body.

In the process of Joy’s Spiral Balancing, two practitioners are utilized. The first practitioner, called the “lead balancer” releases the energy of the subject’s chakras, one at a time, while the second practitioner, called the “2nd balancer” keeps the energy from dissipating prematurely, by “holding” the energy at the chakra previously released by the lead balancer. They do this without touching the subject at any time through the procedure. Chakra by Chakra, energy is balance and cleansed. Through this process, the patient is thoroughly energetically revitalized.

Once all of the chakras have had their energy fields opened, it is time for the second half of the procedure to be performed. This portion of the process begins with an interval period which allows time for toxic energy to be released by the opened charkas. This period lasts about 20 to 40 minutes. Then a repeat of the first half, except instead of the practitioners opening the chakras, they now close the chakras and smooth out the energy. This concludes the process.

In Debra Jones’ teaching of “Spiral Balancing” at Nine Gates, she describes most people’s sensation in this way: “As the subject relaxes and openly surrenders to this comfortable experience, a state of expanded awareness is realized. This expansion sensation continues to become greater and greater until, by the end of the first half of the spiral, they feel at one with, and as large as the universe. By the completion of the second phase, they are restored to a normal state of being.”

Through Spiral Balancing, all of the body’s emotional, physical and spiritual layers are brought into balance, leaving the recipient to feel centered, focused, grounded and in a state of complete and total peace. It has been said that the subject has been “wrung out”, and left in a state of complete and total harmony. Joy’s Spiral Balancing re-establishes the body’s original state of rhythm, balance and peaceful harmony.

It is an experience most people find “incomparable”, in its healing capacity, to anything they have experienced, without ever being touched physically. This technique is best suited for (but not limited to) the following stress related conditions:

– Hypoadrenalism (adrenal fatigue)
– Depression (emotional concerns)
– Physical/neurological conditions causing distress (such as scoliosis, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, phantom pain, Parkinson’s disease, seizures, ADD, ADHD, headaches)
– Hormonal concerns (inability to conceive, inconsistent menstrual cycles, E.D./impotency, hormonal headaches, hormonal depression/mood swings)

Spiral Balancing is truly an amazing technique which often brings about resolution of deep physical maladies and impairments, as well as release of emotional tension, in a natural, comfortable and non-invasive manner. (See FAQ’s below)

In keeping with Alternative Health Solutions’ Mission and Purpose, nothing but the highest quality is offered to recipients of Spiral Balancing. No shortcuts are tolerated, and basic principles are always honored.


                          “All Energies Flowing In and Around the Body Can Be Directed by Thought.”

                                                                                                                        Dr. W. Brugh Joy


FAQS for Joy’s Spiral Balancing

How do people describe the benefits received from Joy’s Spiral Balancing?

The feeling is nothing short of amazing. Individuals have described their results in the following ways:
“You broke me out of my stress prison.”
“I feel like I’ve been returned back to my real self.”
“I feel totally centered.”
“I know I can now get back into my meditation routine again.”
“More powerful than that feeling of wellbeing upon returning from a truly restful vacation.”
“If you could bottle the feeling so that people could have it anytime, you would make a fortune.”

Is there mysticism or spiritualism involved in Joy’s Spiral Balancing?

No. The technique is not associated with spiritual, religious or pseudo-religious beliefs. Joy’s Spiral Balancing is based upon energy only, in its exercise, historical roots and intended results for the recipient.

What does the subject experience during Joy’s Spiral Balancing?

While comfortably lying face up on a massage table, in a room designed for peace and serenity, skilled energy practitioners work on you. There is no physical contact between you and the practitioners. During this technique, the energy center of the heart (the Heart Chakra) is opened and cleansed, allowing the receiver to leave behind personal concerns and enter into a more universal state of consciousness. Internally, one begins to sense a release of inner tension. As awareness rests into the heart chakra, they may feel a sense of warmth, expansion or vibration in that area. As each chakra’s energy is balanced and cleansed, the feeling of warmth and expansion begins to come to rest in each of the body’s energy centers, engulfing the entire body.

This continues minute by minute, resulting in an expansion of awareness and then total and complete release of all internal stress. Whether female or male, young or old, it is truly a “Calgon,…take me away” moment.

Is there any special preparation necessary before being Spiral Balanced?

Joy’s Spiral Balancing requires no preparatory techniques prior to the session or special preparation of any kind. We do find clinically, however, that the subject will get the most out of the technique if it is performed at a time when the subject’s mind is not encumbered by heavy decisions or emotional stresses. (See next FAQ)

What happens after Joy’s Spiral Balancing?

After a session, the subject may initially feel tired, slightly fatigued, but not drained. This sense of fatigue is due to the complete lifting of everyday stresses, tension, aches, pain, worry, nonstop thoughts, etc. With the weight of these burdens lifted, the body returns to its most natural and harmonic state. In fact, many people having received Spiral Balancing have reported physical impairments to have improved or resolved altogether.

Physical testimonies are also common:
“My leg length is now even.”
“My digestive problems have been completely resolved.”

After the session, a settling period is experienced. Benefits of Spiral Balancing are maximized, when calm activity is engaged in during the period immediately following the session and ideally, the following day, as well. Since the healing process actually goes on subtly for days, the subject should take care to plan activities which will minimize overwork and stressful situations in the first day (or two) following treatment. (See next FAQ)

Is there anyone who should avoid Spiral Balancing?

Anyone of any age can benefit from Spiral Balancing. However, due to the length of the session, it is not advisable for children. If an individual has a serious physical/psychological illness, and is receiving medical or psychological ancillary therapies, it would be prudent to discuss these considerations with an experienced energy worker before scheduling.

Is more than one Spiral Balancing recommended?

While an individual will derive great benefit from a single Spiral Balancing session, it is best that the treatment be repeated 2 or 3 times. Since the healing process continues subtly for anywhere from one week to a month, the time between treatments is different for each person.