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Structural Integration

I just wanted to write you to let you know how much I appreciated my Rolf experience with you. My major complaint of knee pain was completely relieved and I no longer had to wear shoe orthotics to maintain my balance and that my walking gait is much better aligned. With the increased movement and flexibility, I also found I became more flexible in my everyday life with routine decisions, sudden occurrences and improving creativity.

Sharon Oliver, M.D.

Robert’s expertise in the Structural Integration approach to soft tissue work has benefited my patients greatly.

Dr. Peter Constantino, D.C.

I feel that the Rolf Structural Integration work I received from Robert has enabled me to have the freedom and spirit of expression through my body that is so important to my life.

Elizabeth W. Borg, N.D., Ph.D.
Psychologist, Life Couch

By loosening up and freeing some of my fascial adhesions, I gained greater flexibility. My neck and low back pain has been worked out as my body adapted to the changes from the Rolf work. My walk has flow, I am breathing easier and my level of daily discomfort is lessened by 80%. I strongly recommend Rolf sessions to anyone who has had past injuries or is seeking a different avenue of pain relief, mobility and youthfulness.

Kathy Arington
Certified Massage Therapist

To a minute of time, I know Robert and Rolf Structural Integration has given me back ten years of my life. It was like a pencil eraser on the lumps and bruises of my life and the trauma, car accidents, falls and the pound I put my body through.

Ed Kokte

I feel that I have greatly benefited from the Structural Integration therapy practiced by Robert Auerbach. My entire musculoskeletal system has assumed a more neutral alignment and consequently better coordination. I would definitely recommend these treatments for anyone who has to have an un-natural posture during work and who does not want to be stressed by it.

John Lielais, D.D.S.

Bob – I learned of Rolfing as far back as the 1960’s. Celebrities and professional athletes who had experienced Rolfing firsthand appeared on television documentaries, introducing many Americans to the concept.

As a young man, I suffered work injuries resulting in serious back problems. I came very close to having spinal surgery. However, I pursued natural health care through chiropractic adjustments, avoided surgery and experienced almost total resolution of my back problems. Yet, I have always had a very tight core, along with peripheral tension.

When I met you, I was open and willing to see what Rolfing could do for me. I had 10 sessions, and all I can say is “Wow”! So much release has occurred, I can honestly say that I feel like I have a new body.

I never before could feel my shoulder blades rubbing on my rib cage. My whole body just seems to be comfortably hanging from my skeleton like a coat on a coat rack. I literally feel like I’ve overcome gravity, thanks to the release I have experienced through your treatments.

As a physician, I have seen relatively few adult patients without significant fascial tension. I now recommend Rolfing to everyone as a result of both my professional and personal experience.

Dr. James Perkins, D.C., N.D.
Farmington Hills, MI