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Invisible Energies

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Man and physicsAs a young doctor, I was impressed by the work of Dr. Burr and Dr. Crile dating back to the 1930’s. Dr. Crile formed the Cleveland Clinic in 1935. I marveled how ahead of their time they were. The following is something I happened to come across from more than 25 years ago. It is a handout that I wrote for one of my public lectures. I thought that my current patients and those interested, would enjoy reading it. If Dr. Burr and Dr. Crile only knew how ahead of their time they really were (and will continue to be for years to come), they would be amazed, as I am sure you will be. Enjoy!

The idea of looking at life in terms of an “energy common denominator” is nothing new, even if it still seems far out to most people. Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, Professor of Anatomy, at Yale University School of Medicine, devoted 30 years to investigating energy fields and their qualities. In 1935 he published his “Electrodynamic Theory of Life.” Dr. Burr designed a voltmeter to measure energy fields surrounding every living system, which he labeled “L-Fields.” He theorized that L-Fields were pre-physical fields which organize the physical body as it continuously goes through the processes of growth and metabolic change. In other words, there is a deeper level of life beneath the physical and chemical levels we normally measure – an electrical level that is ultimately responsible for producing our physical and chemical bodies.

G.W. Crile, M.D., was a surgeon and founder of the famous Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Crile wrote a work entitled, “The Phenomenon of Life-A Radio-Electric Interpretation.” Addressing the American College of Surgeons in Chicago in October 1933 he predicted that in the future a “radio-diagnostician” would detect the presence of disease before it becomes outwardly apparent. He stated that man is a radio-electric mechanism, emphasizing that when life ends, radiation ends:

“It is clear that radiation produces electric current which operates adaptively the organism as a whole, producing memory, reason, imagination, emotion, the special senses, secretions, muscular growth of benign tumors and cancers, all of which are governed adaptively by the electrical charges that are generated by the short wave or ionizing radiation in protoplasm.”

Here is one of the absolute giants of orthodox medicine in the 20th century saying electrical energy governs all of our health. This is exactly the thrust of bioenergetic testing procedures today, going on a century after he made that statement.

Dr. Perkins

Einstein said as a child while playing with a compass his father had given him, … “Something deeply hidden has to be behind things.”

– Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis, James L. Oschman

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