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ahs_photo_5Alternative Health Solutions, developed by Dr. James Perkins D.C., N.D., has been serving the greater metropolitan Detroit area since June of 1986.

Alternative Health Solutions has grown rapidly in the past three decades, placing an emphasis on balanced health for the whole person. The center has developed into a multi-practitioner healing center specializing in Naturopathy for metabolic and clinical nutrition, Energy Healing to address and treat a variety of physical, etheric and emotional concerns and Chiropractic care for physical medicine (including pediatric, geriatric and sports medicine).

Our experienced practitioners collaborate together offering a combination of clinical nutrition, trauma release therapy, chiropractic, CranioSacral therapy, massage therapy and Reiki.  For many, only this type of care has enabled them to regain their physical, mental and emotional health, enabling them to return to a full and active life.

It is well known, that compared to other states, traditional medicine in Michigan has held long standing dominance over natural and holistic methods of healing. Proactive efforts to curtail genuine natural healing, have become a focus of the medical field, pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies in recent years.

One needs to look no further than their mailbox to see ads from their local hospital, promoting programs that give “lip service” to holistic medicine, in order to capture the market, but which deliver care that is not born out of a dedicated philosophy of natural healing. There is no denying that there is a place for modern medicine, especially in areas of crisis intervention, life threatening pathology and certain congenital diseases, to name only a few. However, natural healing approaches to disease and injury are often superior to traditional medical approaches, and offer simple permanent answers without the side effects and complications that often accompany the latter.

Our mission has never changed in over three decades. It states that we shall never compromise our orthodox approach in offering safe and natural methods of healing. Alternative Health Solutions provides patients with an opportunity to pursue proven alternative treatment for a variety of health conditions that is affordable and within their reach, rather than a conventional set of beliefs which offers only one way out to those suffering from ill health – drugs and surgery.

Alternative Health Solutions’ purpose is to improve the health of individuals through natural healing techniques, nutrition and specifically tailored programs of care, allowing the body’s renewed vitality to rehabilitate from within – naturally.

Natural healing of the body is the answer for most people. Alternative Health Solutions is caring and nurturing place where thousands of patients have come for truthful, honest answers, support and understanding, in helping them to decide upon the best options for their health.


“The Power That Made, Heals The Body. It happens no other way.” – Unknown


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