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Energy Medicine

There has long been a supposition that there is an electrical energetic motivator to human bodily function, and that all functions of the human being are electrically driven.

Over the last few decades, scientists have developed more than adequate measurable and logical connections between biological energy fields and generally accepted scientific knowledge. (Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis, James L. Oschman).

The electrical system of the human body governs and encompasses virtually every function from the cellular level. The central nervous system (CNS) and musculoskeletal system, sometimes collectively referred to as our “hard wiring” are areas where energy therapy can be very effective, especially in cases where patients cannot tolerate physical manipulation (as in the case of lyme disease, fibromyalgia, etc.). Energy therapy is an invaluable tool in rehabilitation of these systems from traumatic injury.

The autonomic nervous system (ACS), which governs our internal controls (digestion, immunity, etc.) is responsible in great part for our health and wellbeing. Energy therapy is one of the most promising and effective approaches to autoimmune disorders and allergic sensitivities, which fall in to this area.

Finally, the term “holistic” refers to mind, body and spirit. Traditional medicine focuses on the mechanics of the human body, often without true regard for the role of emotional components which impact our overall health. Emotional (etheric) wellbeing is an integral part of our overall health, every bit as much as our physical wellbeing. The professionals at Alternative Health Solutions, are trained to recognize, address and treat true emotional components, in order to increase responsiveness to traditional treatment.

Please see the introduction to Our Approach, which explains how our practitioners work together to address both physical and energetic components to give our patients every advantage in their pursuit of restored health and vitality.

Albert Einstein said as a child while playing with a compass his father had given him,… “Something deeply hidden has to be behind things.”

Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis, James L. Oschman


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