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Trauma Release and Neurological Rehabilitation

(Also Known As Matrix Repatterning)

Trauma Release Therapy is a clinically proven system for permanent healing of longstanding issues involving chronic and acute pain, and even metabolic disorders. It represents a major breakthrough in holistic physical medicine, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

The technique views the integrity of cellular structure, as fundamental to restoration of health, in a variety of conditions, especially in post-traumatic rehabilitation. Matrix Repatterning is based on scientific research pioneered by Dr. Donald Ingber, M.D., Ph.D. In his writing, “The Architecture of Life”, Scientific American, January 1998, he writes:

“The principles of tensegrity apply at essentially every detectable size scale in the human body… an increase in tension in one of the members results in increased tension in members throughout the structure…”

His work has been confirmed by extensive in-depth studies by Harvard University’s Cell Biology Department.

Matrix Repatterning, developed by Dr. George Roth, of Toronto, Ontario, is a gentle, hands-on energy “release” therapy. It is highly effective with unresolved physical conditions that are rooted in past physical injury, whether major or minor, in the recent or far distant past.

Structural health of the body relies not only on proper alignment of the spine, integrity of joints and their corresponding muscles and connective tissues, but upon each microscopic cell that makes up those tissues. This forms the basis of structural health. When this delicate structure is compromised, due to major and even minor injury, a change occurs in the cellular structure, which results in what is known as a strain pattern, or tightness, limited range of motion, pain, etc. The body now has a memory of the injury which sets up a “primary restriction”, permanently affecting the involved cells, and other structures that relate to that area, throughout the body.

When injury occurs, the cells involved hold trapped “energy” from the impact of the accident/injury. Since all cells, structures and connective tissue of the body relate to one another, the body can manifest significant symptoms in an area that may appear unrelated or far removed from the area of injury. Often, even metabolic disorders resolve themselves, once primary restrictions are permanently released.

Conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea, asthma and respiratory disorders, esophageal disorders, colitis, migraines, tendonitis, back pain, knee pain and many other conditions have been resolved through Matrix Repatterning. Challenging conditions, such as shoulder pain and arthritic stiffness are treated effectively. More long lasting and even permanent results are experienced than through traditional physical and drug therapy.

Matrix Repatterning is one of the most innovative, scientific breakthroughs in holistic medicine, resulting in permanent restoration, from the smallest components of the body outward, to emcompass the whole person.

It is truly a healing art at the forefront of Energy Healing.

~ Written by Dr. James Perkins, D.C., N.D.

Dr. James Perkins Discusses Trauma Release Therapy and Matrix Repatterning

FAQS for Matrix

What is a Matrix Repatterning session like, and what should a patient expect?

The patient will be asked to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Some initial Matrix tests, may be done while the patient is standing. Generally, the patient lies face up, and can expect a typical orthopedic physical examination.

Once the preliminary tests are documented, the practitioner will scan the patient’s body. The practitioner will determine primary areas of restriction, which will be the initial focus of treatment. Typically, correction of the source of the problem, results in resolution of other affected areas (secondary restrictions), where discomfort and pain are also dispelled.

Initial treatment is known as a global assessment. Assessment involves the palms of the practitioner’s hands. While one hand evaluates the extent of structural restriction, the other hand gently scans the body, starting at the feet, working upward. As areas of primary restriction are identified, the practitioner probes in depth, to determine specific area, size of involvement, direction of the restriction, etc.

The global assessment reveals to the practitioner the direction of the original injury and extent of energy entrapment, which determines the direction in which energy needs to be released, within the cellular tissue, to restore that tissue to its original state.

Actual correction of each involved area takes less than a minute. However, since a global assessment involves the entire body from head to toe, front and back., most sessions last about one hour.

What would I expect following treatment?

Generally, for 2 or 3 days, some adaptive physical changes will occur. These changes may be significant, but are generally not uncomfortable. Often, patients will not realize changes until the second treatment. Patients are aware of a “shifting” and generally report these changes are for the good.

Following these few days of mild body muscle reorganization, within a week or two, definitive and noticeable freedom of symptomology is realized. Once primary restrictions are released, subsequent treatments yield further relief of symptoms, and significant, if not permanent resolution of the complaint.

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