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What Is Alternative Medicine?

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Alternative Health MedicineWikipedia defines Alternative Medicine as follows: Healing practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.

At Alternative Health Solutions, we take it a step further, and define some words which may help you understand why Alternative Medicine is relevant, and why it matters to you. The Funk and Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary defines some of these words as follows:

alternative: a choice between two or more things

choice: the act of choosing, a selection: the right or privilege to choose

solution: the act or process of explaining, settling, or disposing of something as a difficulty, problem or doubt. The answer to a problem, the method of finding an answer

At Alternative Health Solutions, you have the opportunity to choose for yourself, how your health challenges are addressed and by whom.   Your right to choose between traditional “sickness care” and an alternative, which offers a more reasonable, natural and holistic approach, is the reason we are here for you.

Alternative Medicine Works!

It is our privilege to provide a means for individuals to exercise their rights, to pursue their choices without the constraints of the conventional insurance driven system, which emphasizes treatment primarily based on profit, through the use of drugs and surgery.

Our committed, natural approach encompasses therapies supported by clinically proven and time tested physical, nutritional and energy-based techniques, which are in part or in whole, drawn from Modern and ancient Eastern holistic medicine. We focus on elimination and prevention of disease by identifying and correcting structural, chemical and energetic imbalances, which are often, the underlying causes of pain, discomfort and disease.

Unlike the traditional medical experience where very little education is offered to the patient, our programs involve you as a decision maker. Nothing that we offer at Alternative Health Solutions is driven by profit or risk management guidelines from the insurance company, which often results in the patient having no say in, no understanding of, and no idea as to which test, prescription or procedure might come next.

We design personalized programs using a team approach. Your team of natural health care professionals will offer you guidance and afford you complete freedom to choose what alternative treatments are right for you, in order to expedite your recovery and a return to full health. Scroll down our home page to easily see a list of our services including chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy and so much more.

After over 30 years in educating and caring for individuals and families the natural way, we think you’ll agree, that both your goal and ours are a perfect fit.

Weighing each ALTERNATIVE the choice for HEALTH is yours, as together, we arrive at SOLUTIONS.

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About The Author
Dr. James Perkins DC, ND

Dr. James Perkins, D.C., N.D. is the Clinical Director of Alternative Health Solutions, which is comprised of a team of multi-disciplinary natural health care professionals, providing holistic rehabilitative support to patients who seek relief from disc problems, sciatic and low back pain. In addition to chiropractic spinal decompression therapy, Dr. Perkins and our practitioners utilize acupuncture, trauma release techniques, structural integration, and therapeutic massage techniques. For pain and disorders which are associated with emotions and a stressful lifestyle, energetically based techniques, including acupuncture, reiki and hypnotherapy are used.

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