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Naturopathy is an alternative healing art which encompasses therapies derived from modern scientific research, as well as methods from time tested natural healing traditions, taken from various cultures and regions of the world. This healing discipline is not “new age”, as some believe.  Rather, Naturopathy (like Homeopathy), has its roots in ancient methods.  Many of these methods have served mankind well, over the course of history, as the healer used whatever natural remedies were available in the surrounding environment.

Nature provides for itself.  This can be seen from the most simple, to the most complicated of ecosystems.  In our time, man has placed laboratory science (medicine) and technology (testing and surgical procedure) in front of what was before us, all along.

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines Naturopathy as follows: “a drugless system of therapy, making use of physical forces, such as air, light, water, heat, massage, etc.”

So what is this “system”?  Any valid, time tested scientifically validated procedure or natural remedy is incorporated into the field of Naturopathy.  Therefore any listing of natural healing methods, remedies and therapies would be extensive.

There is no denying that there is a place for modern medicine, especially in areas of severe trauma intervention.  However, natural healing approaches to disease and injury are often superior to traditional medical treatment, which is likely to involve drugs and/or surgery.

Some healing disciplines, modalities and methods of testing and  utilized by Naturopaths include: (partial listing)

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Balancing Body Chemistry (clinical nutrition)
Computer Analysis
Energy therapy
Essential oils
Herbal remedies
Light therapy
Magnetic healing
Manipulation of the spine and extremities
Marine products
Muscle Testing/Kinesiology
Nutritional and Metabolic Treatment (naturally occurring compounds & minerals)
Phytonutrient therapy
Spinal and extremity manipulation 
Vitamin therapy

Unlike many health professions, which are locked into dogmatic principles, the field of Naturopathy allows the certified health professional to draw upon his/her experience and knowledge of a combination of healing arts to holistically address the unique needs of each patient.  In the treatment of structural, metabolic or emotional disorders, Naturopaths are leaders in health care as the holistic doctors of our time.

The American Naturopathic Medical Association is the governing body in the United States which oversees examination and certification of Naturopathic physicians.  The professional designation is C.T.N. (Certified Traditional Naturopath).  There are tens of thousands of Naturopaths throughout the United States and the world.  Naturopathy it is an internationally recognized and established healing discipline.

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