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Muscle Testing / Kinesiology

The word Kinesiology comes from the Latin words, kinesio which means “muscle strength”, and ology which means “study of”. The term “muscle testing” is sometimes used interchangeably with Kinesiology, and also is used to describe many other techniques which use the strength of the muscle as an indicator for structural, metabolic, nutritional, hormonal, or emotional health.

Muscle testing or Kinesiology can have different meanings, theories, definitions and applications, depending on which healing discipline is defining these terms, and under what application and technique.

For example, a sports chiropractor, orthopedist or physical therapist might test a specific muscle or group of muscles in strength, from right to left, or front to back, in order to assess structural imbalances in the patient’s body.  Muscle testing might be done in the course of treatment or therapy, in order to monitor response to treatment and healing.  This is an example of a purely “mechanical” application to the term Kinesiology.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is muscle testing which deals with “electrical” or “etheric” energy concepts, in order to determine strength and balance, or lack thereof.   In simple terms, energy is used as a tool which is used to obtain answers to the practitioner’s questions, with regard to the patient’s condition.  (see Continuity Resistance Balancing for in-depth information)

This type of testing has its history in ancient Chinese healing arts.  It may involve monitoring a weak muscle, during the course of treatment designed to achieve strength and optimal function.  But it may also involve the testing of a strong muscle (through reflex points) in order to find weakness or imbalance in other parts of the body or systems of the body.

Virtually any question can be answered accurately, from structural health to nutritional and hormonal concerns.  Even emotional components, affecting health and wellbeing, can be discovered through the use of muscle testing.  (see Nutritional and Metabolic Treatment)

A number of respected healing disciplines, such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Continuity Resistance Balancing, Neuro Emotional Technique and Chiropractic (to name a few), employ the use of muscle testing.  The practitioners at Alternative Health Solutions use Kinesiology and other methods of muscle testing in a variety of clinical applications.  


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