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Nutritional And Metabolic Treatment

(Functional Nutrition)

Nutritional and Metabolic treatment aims to treat the root cause of discomfort and disease, through the practice of clinical nutrition.

Dr. James Perkins Discusses Clinical Nutrition

Nutritional and Metabolic treatment aims to treat the root cause of discomfort and disease, through the practice of clinical nutrition.  If treatment is to be effective, there must first be an accurate diagnosis.  Since this page describes our holistic treatment approach, we suggest that you first visit Continuity Resistance Balancing (CRB) and Balancing Body Chemistry.  These important pages explain the simple and reliable principle of human physiology, upon which we rely, to arrive at an accurate and verifiable diagnosis.  

Don’t forget to return to this page, so that you may have a full understanding of what makes our approach so different from what people find at most doctors’ office and clinics.

In addition to our many videos, where Dr. Perkins shows how we correct specific conditions through nutritional and metabolic treatment, here we will walk through a sampling of some symptoms, which one might readily recognize.  Often, these symptoms point to frequently overlooked, but easily corrected metabolic imbalances, to which a vast number of disorders may be attributed.    

Before we do, however, let’s define the word “metabolic”.  This term is used often by Dr. Perkins when discussing with patients, internal factors that influence the quality of their health.  The word “metabolic” comes from “metabolism”.  Webster’s Dictionary defines metabolism as follows:

         me-tab-o-lism:   1. The complex of chemical and physical processes involved in the maintenance of life.

Knowing this, we understand what to look for, as we begin to analyze the inside story, and what the patient’s symptoms are pointing towards.  The inside story is the wellbeing (or lack thereof) of your metabolic processes, contributing to actual “maintenance of life” (Webster).  In addition to a healthy diet, exercise and a good emotional outlook on life, what could be more important?

Dr. Perkins Explains His Unique Method Of Treating Patients

If we were to analogize and think of ourselves as a hardcover book, we might envision that we are wrapped in a shiny, attractive outer sleeve. However, once we look beneath that colorful sleeve, we might see that the cover of the book is dull or pale, perhaps a more realistic indicator of the toll our long suffered symptoms have taken on our body.  Not until we open the book, and start to turn the pages, will we discover the true story within, and the quality of the writing.  Not unlike a book appearing on the outside, like a top shelf best-seller, a well-intentioned person may only be masking symptoms with cover-ups, . . . over-the-counter drugs and even certain nutritional supplements.     

When testing through Continuity Resistance Balancing (CRB), the patient’s own words, along with the reliable nature of their own dynamic physiology, have the capacity to clearly reveal to the experienced practitioner, an accurate diagnosis upon which to proceed.

We would be missing an important point, if we did not emphasize the great role that the patient plays in discovering what is within, before we even start to discuss treatment.  No one but the patient can know better, how that person’s own body feels and what it is telling them.  A wise doctor who is willing to listen to his or her patient, and then utilizes that input, together with reflexology based testing (CRB) can easily identify the cause of the patient’s symptoms.  That doctor can then focus on further testing to discover the source of the imbalance which brought about the patient’s cascade of metabolic events.

With the symptoms no longer the focus, the practitioner is able to test further yet, in determining the best remedy for the particular individual being treated, and the cause of their symptoms as revealed by their own body.  We spend time and effort to match up a treatment protocol using pure, organic and gluten free, whole food supplements, naturally occurring formulations of compounds, minerals, and some homeopathic remedies, which target the specific area of the failure that started that cascade of events, in the first place.

The same testing that was used to find the problem, is also used to determine the most effective remedy, for the specific needs of the individual, as well as exact dosage and duration.  When called for, measures that may need to be taken regarding lifestyle, diet and work habits are recommended, resulting in a customized program of care.

Response to treatment is usually rapid and demonstrable at each subsequent visit. As symptoms abate and metabolic processes begin to respond, the patient’s input continues to be sought, as a valuable and integral part of the re-evaluation process.  Treatment is modified, when needed, to achieve optimal therapeutic value for every stage of rehabilitation.  This process continues as the patient moves toward complete resolution of their health challenge.              

The thumbnail sketches offered below, provide a small sampling of common, perplexing and regularly undiagnosed (or misdiagnosed) conditions which we see frequently at our office.

“In over 30 years of clinical practice, I have found that the knowledge of the story inside the cover, is an invaluable thing to possess. Everyone has an underlying weakness in their metabolic make-up, inherited or acquired, to one degree or another.  For some individuals, it may be a hormonal challenge.  For others, it might be digestion, bone structure or nutritional mal-absorption.  Learning the cause of a person’s specific inherent weakness allows us to stay on top of these weaknesses, to easily and affordably provide simple maintenance and support, rather than letting things run their course, and dragging down the overall health of the individual.  This is true preventative health care.”    

Dr. James E. Perkins, D.C., N.D.


Sketch #1 – Digestive Discomfort and/or Irregularity  

A problem which must be ruled out first, is “hypochlorhydria” (hy-po-klor-hid-re-uh), or the lack

of the stomach’s ability to produce adequate supplies of hydrochloric acid. Dr. William Beaumont discovered and taught about this easily corrected condition decades ago.   However, we see this commonly overlooked disorder every day in our office.

Without adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid, digestion literally shuts down.  Eating and elimination are still possible, but any food introduced to the digestive tract can do nothing but putrefy.  The end result, ironically, is an acidic stomach and discomfort which mimics all kinds of digestive disorders, but is one of the easiest things to resolve through proper gut rehabilitation nutrition, using a simple compound known as hydrochloric acid, given orally.    

Millions of people diagnosed with all kinds of conditions of the gut, have been put on antacids, other drugs and intervention, when the true cause of their daily misery went untreated for years.

The simplicity of Dr. Beaumont’s discovery has not been forgotten by healers who look to the cause, and not to the cover-up.

Sketch #2 – Widespread Joint and Muscle Pain and/or Fibromyalgia:

The lack of gut health can over time, result in a myriad of physical ailments.  One of the symptoms among the cascade of effects described in the sketch above, can also be global muscle and joint pain (Fibromyalgia), a common condition resulting from leaky gut syndrome.  Leaky gut happens because of disruption to the digestive process.  In Googling leaky gut syndrome, one can read of its far reaching effects, one of which can be the debilitating pain of this inflammatory response.  An unhealthy gut can be just one factor that might bring on this condition.  

I have found clinically, that Fibromyalgia, just as often, can be brought on by the body’s physiological reaction to stress, causing the adrenal glands to shut down.  Adrenal glands are responsible for producing many hormones, a healthy balance of which are essential to our physical and even, mental health.  One of these hormones is called cortisol.  Initially, stress can induce heightened levels of cortisol.  But when stress is sustained long term, cortisol levels will eventually plummet.  Without adequate supplies of cortisol, we cannot make one of our own natural pain killers, known as cortisone.  

We treat adrenal fatigue with organically produced nutritional products, specifically designed to rehabilitate the adrenal glands, thus restoring balance to natural hormone production.  When the patient is tested using Continuity Resistance Balancing (CRB) or the exact formula and dosage required, and then treated, beginning the day of their visit, results are swift, and sometimes noticeable that very same week.

Above are just a few examples of how, when disorders and disease are diagnosed and treated correctly, the results can and will provide resolution of not only, the primary condition, but also those secondary conditions that have developed over time.

Improperly treated, adrenal fatigue perpetuates a cascade of hormonal imbalances, which may lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeplessness, depression, adult onset diabetes, obesity, eczema and dermatitis, to name a few.  The ads on TV claim that Fibromyalgia is caused by “overactive nerves”, for which at least three popular drugs (with harmful side effects) are marketed on a huge scale.  We see new drugs ads every week to treat the secondary conditions caused by the very drugs that were prescribed to treat the primary condition.  We also see newly named diseases and syndromes, and the drugs to go with, to treat the side effects of those and other new drugs.   On and on it goes.   Medical mismanagement starts with a wrong approach, leading to wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment. 

Dr. James E. Perkins, D.C., N.D.

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