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Continuity Resistance Balancing™

The body’s electrical or nervous system is a dynamic, powerful, and a very reliable system from which precise indicators can be interpreted.  Continuity Resistance Balancing™ (CRB) looks at the cause of disease and treatment of pain from an entirely different perspective than traditional medicine.

univers_manContinuity Resistance Balancing™, or the CRB Technique, is a safe, natural method of analyzing the body’s structural, metabolic, nutritional, and even emotional needs.  An imbalance or deficiency in any of these areas can directly cause or contribute to health problems.  CRB not only provides an accurate means of determining the actual cause behind an individual’s health problem, but also aids the trained and knowledgeable physician, in determining how best to administer treatment, according to their unique needs.  Frequent re-evaluation and ongoing customization of treatment, based upon the body’s response, is affordably available, during the course of treatment, until complete resolution of the health issue is achieved.  (See Nutritional and Metabolic Testing)  Compare this approach to medical tests, which are limited to analyzing a fleeting moment in time, and often require accompanying or subsequent testing, in order to confirm the results.      

Continuity Resistance Balancing™ (CRB), was developed by Dr. James Perkins, D.C., N.D., through years of utilizing a blend of research based techniques in the clinical setting.  These techniques, based upon kinesiology and reflexology, were developed by brilliant pioneers of modern day alternative medicine.  These techniques have been streamlined into one focused technique which has its basis in Chinese acupuncture and muscle testing. As in these ancient healing practices, CRB looks to the body’s electrical (nervous) system for insight as to the cause and treatment of disease.  

veggies2Acupuncture points are like “circuit breakers” for the organs and systems of the body. Points which are found to be too high or too low in electrical energy indicate a state of imbalance, and possible cause of disease.  To test a reflex point, the practitioner will use a patient’s arm or another strong muscle as an indicator.  When the practitioner places his or her hand, like a scanner, on a healthy reflex point, the extended arm (or strong muscle) will remain very strong under gentle pressure.  Strength which is sufficient to resist gentle pressure indicates the area of the body that corresponds to a particular reflex point, is healthy, with nerve energy flowing freely and evenly.  However, if the arm suddenly becomes weak, with the patient’s arm “giving” under gentle pressure, it is an indication that the subconscious brain is working on the electrical energy to that organ or system of the body that corresponds to the reflex point being tested.  Wherever the body has an imbalance or some type of dysfunction, the subconscious brain focuses on that area, directing aid and support in the form of nerve (electrical) energy, to the challenged organ or system.

The trained CRB practitioner understands how to interpret what the body has revealed through muscle testing, and is able to determine a treatment protocol with extreme accuracy.  The result is safe, affordable and highly effective natural treatment, sparing the patient from undergoing risky and less effective intervention through drugs and surgery.  (See Nutritional and Metabolic Testing)  

Modern western medicine generally relies upon expensive lab work, exploratory procedures, and state-of-the-art testing equipment, in order to determine metabolic and structural problems.

Until recent years, results would be subject to interpretation by a doctor or technician, according to their knowledge of pathology, physiology and biochemistry.    

More than ever, the present day approach to ordering of tests, the interpretation of results, and decision making on treatment protocol, is influenced by:

         1) treatment standards (regulations) established by traditional medicine,

         2) whether insurance will pay for a particular test, treatment or drug over another

         3) which test, treatment or drug will yield the highest monetary insurance payout  

Gone, are the days when conclusive analysis by the experienced doctor or technician, was the pivotal factor that influenced the patient’s best chance of getting better.

As traditional medicine increasingly panders to insurance companies and big pharma, the unfortunate end result, is that the approach to diagnosis and treatment has been fundamentally changed.  Freedom of the family physician or specialist to consider the best interests of the patient is in the past.  Now, we witness an ever increasing trend towards extensive testing, risky surgery, and rampant use of often ineffective and toxic pharmaceutical drugs, with the patient’s best interests placed dead last.

The testing and treatment methods used by practitioners of the natural healing arts are, for the most part, not covered by insurance.  Continuity Resistance Balancing™ draws from the knowledge of healing practices from the ages, not from insurance payments.  Therefore, there is no incentive to conform to standards that might compromise the best interests of the patient.

What is yet an even greater benefit of the CRB Technique, is that structural imbalance and nutritional deficiencies can be detected in the beginning stages, the effects of which, may not have yet manifested outwardly.

In the case of structural problems, Chiropractic and energetically based Trauma Release Therapy are used to correct and bring about a return to balance and freedom from pain.  

In the case of emotional, stress related or etheric issues, a combination of nutrition and powerful energetically based therapies are utilized to restore balance and harmony.  (see Energy Therapy)  

In the case of nutritional deficiencies or metabolic imbalances, Clinical Nutrition is used to treat the root cause of health issues, using whole food and herbal supplements, formulations of naturally found compounds, minerals and homeopathic remedies. (see Balancing Body Chemistry and Nutritional and Metabolic Treatment)


– The subconscious brain knows what is happening in every cell of the body at all times.

– The CRB Technique affords the trained practitioner the means to use the body’s electrical system (not blood analysis or imaging technology), to tap into what the subconscious brain already knows (metabolically and structurally), and is working to correct.

– Acupuncture (reflex) points, of the various body systems and organs, and structural reflex points can be tested through the ancient art of Chinese muscle testing.

– Immediately available test results which point to the cause (or causes) of the patient’s condition, provide the physician primary, secondary and often conclusive findings in real time, with instantly demonstrable results.

– CRB testing engages both the patient and practitioner, as active participants in the healing process.  The electrical interface experienced by both of them, creates a partnership when instantly demonstrable results are seen.  This shared moment of discovery, by both practitioner and patient produces an understanding, that there is hope, . . . a therapeutic component that is not to be underestimated.  

– A treatment protocol is designed, using Continuity Resistance Balancing™ testing, to treat and correct root cause of the patient’s health challenge, whether metabolic, nutritional, physical or emotional in nature.         

– Ongoing, affordable and customized treatment, whether addressing physical pain or internal discomfort and disorders is provided until complete resolution of health challenges are achieved.

FAQ’s about Continuity Resistance Balancing™ (CRB)

How is CRB performed?

To test a reflex point, the practitioner will use a patient’s arm or another strong muscle as an indicator.   When the practitioner places his or her hand on a healthy reflex point, the extended arm will remain very strong, under gentle downward pressure.  Strength which is sufficient to resist gentle downward pressure indicates the area of the body which corresponds to a particular reflex is healthy, with nerve energy flowing freely and evenly.  However, if the arm suddenly becomes weak, with the patient’s arm “giving” under gentle pressure, it is an indication that the body is sending aberrant (abnormal) electrical energy to that organ or system of the body which corresponds to the reflex point being tested.  Wherever the body has an imbalance or some type of dysfunction, the subconscious brain focuses on that area, directing aid and support in the form of nerve (electrical) energy, to the challenged organ or system.

Can CRB be used to test the disabled, or children too young to follow instructions?

Yes.  Anyone can be tested using the CRB Technique. Infants, children and even the elderly, whose muscles are globally weakened, can be tested.  Even patients with acute muscle pain (fibromyalgia patients), are able to be tested through the use of a surrogate tester.  The CRB Technique utilizes the electricity of the body. Since electricity constantly flows within and around the body, another person can act as a “stand-in” for the subject being tested. In the case of an infant, a mother with the child on her lap can act as a surrogate tester (using her arm), in place of the child’s. Any family member or a member of the clinic staff, can act as a surrogate tester regardless of the physical abilities or age of the patient.

An example of how this is possible, would be best pictured by a familiar scenario that most people have heard of, which might take place on ranch or farmland, where someone comes to the aid of another who has come in contact with an electrically charged fence.  Once the second person has touched the person being poked, both people feel the poke. In fact, it has been documented, that the second person actually suffers injury from a stronger charge, than the first person.  This is because the first person’s body acts as a generator, passing along an increased amount of voltage to the second person.  Electrical current flows like a river.  It naturally passes from person to person, which further lends validation to the widely accepted principle of therapeutic touch employed by many forms of natural healing.  (Energetic Medicine, Oshman)

How does Continuity Resistance Balancing™ compare to computer testing/analysis?

Computer analysis is a promising concept.  Many computer analysis programs have made great strides in pinpointing human physiologic needs. However, a muscle tester, experienced in the CRB Technique, can be far superior in accuracy to computer analysis for many reasons.  A computer program is only as accurate as the programmer who has programmed it. Besides having clinical experience, healers who are human, have human touch, knowledge and intuition.   The body is not static. It has dynamic and changing needs. Computer analysis is not only expensive, but it is only reflective of the body’s balances, imbalances and needs, at the time the analysis is done.  Continuity Resistance Balancing™ is ongoing, and is very affordable over the course of treatment.   This makes up-to-date analysis of the body’s response to treatment available in real time, so that treatment can be adjusted as called for, in moving the patient toward resolution of their health challenge.  As imbalances begin to shift, and deficiencies are corrected, a specific nutritional (or structural) support program can be continually tailored to the patient’s exact and changing needs. Once health is restored, occasional re-evaluation may be called for.  

The CRB Technique, when used to monitor health on an ongoing basis, is preventative in nature.  Physical problems can be identified long before they become full-blown health issues.  The ability afforded to the trained CRB practitioner to find and correct problems early, places Continuity Resistance Balancing™ at the forefront of true preventative health care.

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