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Balancing Body Chemistry

(Also Known As Functional Nutrition)

Clinical nutrition is quite different from “general nutrition”. Dietitians, nutritionists and vitamin retailers offer “general nutrition”, which looks at diet and supplementation in the form of vitamins, minerals and herbs. Supplementing dietary intake can be of great benefit in supporting overall health, and is generally worth the effort, if healthy diet and exercise are already part of your

If your local vitamin retail store is helping you with general nutrition needs, that’s a good thing.  But if you are experiencing symptoms due to metabolic imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, all you are buying is a patch, . . . throwing everything you have at a problem, hoping something will stick.  It may make you feel better for a time, but it will not address the root cause of your problems.

Skilled, educated healers who use “clinical nutrition” to treat patients experiencing pain and disease utilize scientifically researched and formulated, nutri-ceuticals (pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements) which are designed to target the root cause of the imbalance or deficiency causing pain and/or disease within the structures and systems of the body.

The practitioners of Alternative Health Solutions use products that are available only to licensed health care professionals, whose manufacturers (and their suppliers) adhere to only the highest standards in the industry.

Clinical nutritionists may employ a variety of techniques and philosophies in the clinical setting. Some of these include naturopathy, homeopathy, oriental medicine and muscle testing, to name a few.

When administered by a skilled practitioner, with ongoing evaluation, in order to address the body’s changing needs, Clinical Nutrition is a viable option for people who are serious about improving and maintaining health.  It is also the best place to start for people who feel boxed in by traditional medicine.  We hope our website, along with the links listed below (and on our Resources page), will be helpful to you as you navigate through available alternative treatment options.

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