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Naturopathy For Children

The practitioners of Alternative Health Solutions consider each and every person as their most important patient on any given day. Likewise, our staff makes every effort to meet our patients’ needs equally, placing no one above another.  But, we have to confess, … we do have our favorites.

We are most blessed by the little ones whom we treat throughout the week.  Our practitioners and staff always consider it an honor and a privilege that parents place confidence in us, and bring their children into our natural, drug-free wellness approach to healthcare.  We are proud of these parents because they have not only trusted our recommendations, but have used their own experiences with natural healthcare, to take an important, even bold step for their children.

In brief, Naturopathy is a healing art that uses things found in nature that have been time tested and shown to be safe therapeutic aids for enhancing the patient’s innate ability to heal from within . (see Nutritional and Metabolic Treatment).

Since children have had limited exposure to our polluted environment, they have been shown to respond readily, and excellent results are achieved in fighting off disease, parasites and stress related maladies, as well as healing from injury, digestive and chemical imbalances.  Naturopathy is drug-free and natural.

The physical and metabolic systems of our young patients have an affinity to natural therapies.  Therefore, a little bit can go a long way for rapid health restoration.  Results are often astonishing, and generally “side effect” free.

Naturopathic care yields amazing results in helping the body to resolve disease.  However, preventative care is a hallmark of Naturopathy, for the same reasons listed above.  Keeping kids healthy naturally, is an easy recipe to follow, and fosters passage to a strong and healthy adolescence and adulthood.  For kids it’s a head-start for lifelong health, for parents it’s peace of mind, and for us, …it’s as good as it gets.

Naturopathy, by broad definition can incorporate a multitude of diverse treatments and therapies, depending upon the practitioner’s training and experience.

Metabolic treatment and Clinical Nutrition utilize herbs, vitamin and mineral therapy, glandular therapy, naturally occurring compounds and enzymes, as well as homeopathic remedies.  (see Nutritional and Metabolic Treatment)  For physical injury, pain and imbalance issues we utilize chiropractic, trauma release therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, massage and exercise.

Children can’t always tell us what’s bothering them.  Even adults can only describe symptoms, as opposed to the true cause of their illness.  At Alternative Health Solutions muscle-testing is used for adults and children, to uncover the source of health problems, and programs of care are designed to address the unique needs of each individual.  Children of all ages, even though they may be too young to understand, can be successfully treated with Naturopathy.

An experienced practitioner, can work around these limitations using muscle testing, and have the parent actively participate in testing of the child.  It’s actually quite fun.  Parents and kids alike can’t help but crack a grin and sometimes laugh out loud, as the doctor goes through reflexology based muscle testing, which reveals things about their feelings, tendencies and habits, which they sometimes already knew.  Make no mistake, muscle testing is a powerful tool which is to be taken seriously.  Due to its accuracy, muscle testing can find deep, hidden causes of illness that even traditional diagnostic methods can not discern.  Yet it is completely safe and non-invasive.  (See Continuity Resistance Balancing

At Alternative Health Solutions, we welcome the whole family into the treatment room. If there are not enough places to sit, we bring in more chairs.  We want our families to feel comfortable, and are always open to discuss some of the hard choices parents have to make, when faced with difficult and even serious health concerns of their children.  Naturopathic treatment does not interfere with traditional medical treatment, and is always complimentary, as it deals with restoring imbalances and boosting the innate ability to heal from within.

For over 30 years Alternative Health Solutions has been treating children, from newborns, to our oldest “kids” (now grown), who look to us as primary health providers for their own young families.  Children are the most fortunate benefactors of our commitment to delivering natural, safe and drug-free health care.  With their whole lives before them, they are the best testament to what natural health care has to offer.

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