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Each year, more than 15 million Americans choose Chiropractic care for safe, natural and effective relief from back and neck pain, headaches, pain in the extremities, poor overall health, low energy levels and much more.

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Chiropractic is a healing art concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of structural imbalances, which can result in nervous system disorders, as well as metabolic and immune system concerns.

The ancient philosopher and physician Hippocrates, is known by modern medicine as “The Father of Medicine”. This title was deemed fitting by today’s physicians, as the tenets laid down by Hippocrates were far ahead of his time. In his writing, Hippocrates said “look well to the spine for the cause of dis-ease.” Chiropractors believe that the spine, because it houses the nervous system, contains the essence of health and healing.

Chiropractors use natural, conservative methods of treatment, respecting the human body’s ability to heal itself. Trusting the structure and function of the spine and its influence on the nervous system and corresponding organ systems, doctors of Chiropractic understand and take into account the role played by the proper function of these systems in the restoration and preservation of health

The nervous system, made of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, is the first thing that develops in utero. It only makes sense that these structures demand the attention of physicians looking for the cause of human disease. Neurology is the cornerstone of chiropractic. Therefore chiropractors are essentially “neurologists”, as they specialize in the treatment of pinched nerves.

When nerve impingements occur, a variety of resulting structural and metabolic disorders arise, affecting overall health. This may manifest by way of anything from obvious tingling, numbness and pain, to painless but debilitating organ dysfunction and metabolic imbalances.

Chiropractic physicians are trained to identify nerve pressure through comprehensive examination and to clear the pressure by gentle spinal adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments open up vital nerve flow that revitalizes and rehabilitates organs, bones and connective tissues, at the cellular level. Healing occurs naturally, without drugs and surgery.

Chiropractic care in maintaining strong overall health, is a powerful force against the constant barrage of disease and modern day stress that people are exposed to. Patients often report immediately feeling better. Issues that have been unresolved for months or even years (despite ongoing traditional therapy), often show dramatic improvement in 2 to 3 visits. There is no comparison between the costs of several weeks (or months) of traditional therapy and the cost of a corrective chiropractic treatments, not to mention the investment of time.

Spinal integrity is an important factor in promoting health and healing, and can be achieved by natural means. Chiropractic offers a safe, non-invasive and natural alternative to traditional therapies, drugs and surgery. Chiropractors enjoy hospital privileges in states where government agencies which oversee licensure of medical professionals, recognize them as primary healthcare providers. They are licensed in all states of the U.S. and provinces of Canada, and are recognized internationally, as well.

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FAQ’s for Chiropractic

How long has Chiropractic been around?

The first Chiropractic adjustment was performed September 17, 1895. Dr. David D. Palmer adjusted the spine of a janitor who had experienced many years of deafness. His hearing was instantly restored. From that day, the miracle of Chiropractic, in restoring health and vitality through the care of the spine, has been researched and developed through scientific studies conducted by researchers from both within the Chiropractic profession and from without.

Individual practicing doctors are able to make irrefutable claims, because of this research, along with over a century of exceptional results from Chiropractic treatment in the clinical setting. These physicians are primary healthcare providers. This means they hold the same status as osteopaths and medical doctors. In other words, they can accept, without referral from another health care provider, anyone with health concerns who may seek a second opinion and alternative treatment to the traditional medicine and surgery.

Thanks to the work of pioneers in Chiropractic, doctors of Chiropractic are respected specialists in the field of Neurology. Today, Michigan has approximately 1,800 state licensed Chiropractors.

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Can chiropractic help me?

A majority of people have the misconception that chiropractic is only good for backaches, disc problems, stiff necks, sciatica, whiplash and other spinal related conditions. It is true that anyone who is suffering from these or similar type problems should try chiropractic first. However, it is not generally known that chiropractic is able to help many other problems of bodily dysfunction. Since various organs, glands and body tissues require nerve innervation for their proper function, it is not hard to see that various functional disorders of the body may respond favorably to a chiropractic adjustment.

How long will it take for me to get well?

Chiropractic science teaches that we should endeavor to correct the basic cause of a problem rather than try to remove a symptom or treat an effect which might make you think you are well when it might only be a cover up. Length of time required depends on many factors such as age, living habits, weight, duration, your cooperation, etc. However, your doctor will be glad to design a program which will help you in the shortest time.

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