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Second Opinions on Lab Work and Medical Imaging

As an added service, the physicians at Alternative Health Solutions will go over lab results, body scans, heavy metal analysis, etc., upon request. We offer this service in order to provide a second opinion in the interpretion of recent tests. If the patient desires certain tests, without a physician’s prior order, we are happy to refer out for testing. This cannot be done during an initial visit, but can be scheduled for a follow-up visit.

Physicians and practitioners and Alternative Health Solutions do not have drug licenses, and do not utilize pharmaceuticals in practice as medical doctors.

Blood Chemistry reviews are not done to diagnose or treat any condition with drugs, nor do the opinions of the physicians at Alternative Health Solutions supercede any opinion or therapy prescribed by medical doctors.

Instead blood chemistry results are utilized as indicators of the patient’s health, requiring specific nutritional and lifestyle changes, detoxification programs, dietary recommendations, etc.

For example, most people are not aware that blood profiles can be done to look for things like ph levels, which indicate whether the patient’s system is too acid or too alkaline. Through blood studies, liver or kidney toxicity, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalance and blood clotting factors can be identified, and then nutritionally supported. This is complimentary to traditional medicine and can be used in conjunction with prescribed medical treatment.

Following thorough review of the patient’s case history and symptoms, physicians work with the patient to identify goals for improved health. Along with action steps recommended for the patient, a customized program of care is designed to support the body’s problem areas using clinical nutrition, in order to help restore blood chemistry to healthy limits.

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