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Pediatric Chiropractic

From pregnancy to birth, through the toddler years, childhood and adolescence, natural health care has for decades been involved in raising healthy kids. Challenges in raising children today are far greater than ever in history. Decisions that parents must make bear consequences that are life-long.

Today’s physicians and parents face many age old issues regarding pediatric wellness.  In the past, “well baby visits” and childhood immunity (for colds and ear infections) were the big issues.  Added to those, parents must now consider the ever growing problem of unresponsiveness to antibiotic therapy, viral and auto-immune conditions, allergies, food sensitivities, nutritional concerns, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., autism, and the question of “when to medicate and when not to medicate”.

Many families who bring their children to Alternative Health Solutions first (before they see anyone else) do so, because the parents came here as children themselves.  As many as three (and soon four) generations of families have trusted Dr. Perkins and the practitioners of Alternative Health Solutions with their health concerns.  In addition to structural evaluation and treatment for injury and growth issues, a variety of other issues are addressed, ranging from fever, infection and parasitic management to clinical nutrition for behavioral concerns, hormonal imbalance and digestive problems.

Kids and families love our office. We may not have ladders to climb, and tubes to slide down, but our friendly practitioners and staff go out of their way to make each young patient’s experience comfortable and fun.  We welcome questions from parents and do our best to provide families with not only answers, but resources through which they can learn more about natural choices for their children’s health.

Surprisingly, in this “age of information”, trustworthy advice for parents about natural health care alternatives is still hard to find. Dr. James Perkins is an active member of the Michigan Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  He is also Vice-President of Michigan for Vaccine Choice (M.V.C.), whose efforts are dedicated to informed choice in the area of childhood immunization.  M.V.C. is a legislative watchdog organization for families at the state and national level, makes available to the public information on natural approaches to childhood health/immunity through workshops, DVDs, literature, and have open membership.

In summary, complimentary alternative health care for children can include safe, effective treatments that are drug free, non-surgical and non-invasive.  These include chiropractic care, trauma release and neurological rehabilitation, and naturopathic care using clinical nutrition, homeopathic remedies and energetically based therapies.  

At Alternative Health Solutions we believe in the body’s innate ability to heal. Unlike their parents, our young people face many health challenges, both environmentally, nutritionally and lifestyle related.  Good health is achievable by supporting the youthful vitality our children were naturally born with, through natural health care.

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Resources/Links: (Michigan Pediatric Chiropractic Association) (vaccine information)


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