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Sports Medicine

Research over the last twenty years has documented and proven that wherever structural imbalance and muscle/joint problems occur (resulting from strain, impact and injury), there are clearly defined areas of primary restriction, which are distinctly different from areas of secondary restriction. Most of this research has been done on world class athletes from the U.S., Canada, Russia, Greece, Australia and China.

Effective treatment of sports injury, requires knowledge of how to recognize and treat primary restrictions which reflex to secondary areas of involvement. Isolating and then resolving the issue permanently, is imperative in any effective and holistic treatment approach.

The practitioners at Alternative Health Solutions know how to treat sports injury, using methods that permanently release areas of primary restriction, thereby helping the body to respond naturally in resolving areas of secondary involvement. Once the program is completed and restrictions are removed, permanent healing is then able to take place, returning the individual to their former ability in training and competition.

As in all natural treatment methods, the need to treat the cause (not the symptom), is demonstrated nowhere more strongly, than in the genre of sports medicine – where constant demand for performance and little time for healing is a reality. Whether the patient is a sprouting child athlete or an accomplished pro, from the active health-oriented adult to recreational enthusiast, this holistic approach to sports therapy is where permanent and lasting healing is to be found.

Any comprehensive and holistic treatment program must address all aspects of the body. While musculo-skeletal balance and extremity issues (addressed through spinal adjusting and energy healing) have their place, nutritional needs must be addressed as well. For example, in the northern regions of North America, (such as Michigan) where Ice Age glaciers created the large inland seas we call the Great Lakes, massive ice sheets stripped soil and light minerals, like iodine, magnesium and manganese from the land, carrying them along to be deposited in the southern regions of North America. With a deficit in the soil, crops likewise are deficient and cannot provide humans with these vital minerals.

To the athlete, the result of mineral deficiencies can be devastating. Ligaments which hold joints together, require manganese for strength and tension. In our office, we regularly treat both athletes and non-athletes with manganese, specifically fortified with other minerals, herbs and vitamins to support tendons, muscles, joints and ligaments.

This is just one condition that can be identified, treated and resolved by comprehensive clinical examination and clinical nutrition. Traditional medicine does not look at the needs of the athlete in the same way. Through muscle testing, and clinical nutrition, the Naturopathic approach, combined with physical medicine and Chiropractic, addresses the needs of the whole person.

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