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Matrix Repatterning

Hi Dr. Perkins,

Just wanted to let you know – a lot of people from our church and family have been following Rick’s progress since his accident on July 6, 2013. Together we have credited you, Dr. Perkins for much of his quick improvement and recovery. I wanted to share with you a recent Facebook post from the day after our last visit. We thank God for having you in our lives and we testify and promote you and your God given skills and efforts as often as we can. Here is the post:

“Rick has transitioned from his ibuprofen and acetaminophen to a longer acting, but better for him, pain reliever, Aleve. According to his Alternative Health doctor, the ibuprofen and acetaminophen restrict the blood flow to the areas that need healing, which in effect stop the healing process. Apparently the naproxen does not restrict the blood flow and allows the healing process to continue while relieving pain. There also is a muscle relaxing effect from the naproxen. It’s a big transition from 21 pills a day to just 3, but he’s been able to tolerate the transition and even notice an improvement, although there are times of greater pain. He feels good to know that the healing is on a continuing basis, rather than being stopped by the pain relievers he hoped were helping him. It feels good to be on a better path and he is so pleased he has Dr. Perkins, a God loving man, in charge of his recovery.

In addition there are other things Dr. Perkins has been able to do that has reduced his pain and is speeding up his healing recovery and comfort level during daily activity. He says “thank you God” for leading him to Dr. Perkins more than a decade ago. Rick and I both agree that God has been preparing him for this accident for a long time.

Dr. Perkins has been essential in this, as he has helped Rick get his body in tip top condition through his unique chiropractic skills, and a process called Matrix Repatterning that is unlike anything available thru modern medicine. If you haven’t heard of this, you should check it out. It can help you too! There is a story behind the fact that Rick and I brought and introduced Matrix Repatterning to Dr. Perkins, that we would be happy to share with anyone who would be interested. We are convinced that it is God given.” End of Facebook post

We thank you again, Dr. Perkins for all you’ve done and look forward to our continued relationship

Elaine and Rick

Dear Dr. Perkins,

Our daughter was able to return to full time studies last fall in Florida. Her recovery was only possible through the collaboration of so many over the past years and the little miracles that materialized in answer to our prayers. Thank you for the work you did in the fall of 2007. The Matrix Repatterning helped unlock many areas in her body and allowed us to keep moving forward.

She never lost hope that she would one day return to school and overcome pain, isolation and the complexities of closed head trauma. There is still some work to be done, but we’re celebrating how far she has come.

Anonymous Johns Creek, GA

I can’t seem to find the right words to express how grateful I am to Dr. Perkins for taking care of my health in ways that traditional doctors were unable to. My medical history is a strange one: I’ve had a bone die in my foot that had since grown back, but the shadow of the injury remained. I had mononucleosis when I was 12 years old that continued to leave a mark on my adult spleen, making me constantly ill. My hips and pelvis would fall apart in ways that would be humorous if it were not so incredibly painful.

But, regardless of the injury, no matter where I was on the globe, Dr. Perkins and his staff have bent over backwards to help me. After years of regularly needing chiropractic care and matrix repatterning, I am happy to report that my body is finally holding itself together, all by itself. That is quite a statement considering the workload I put my body through as a dancer. Without my Alternative Health Solutions family, I would not be the happy and healthy person I am today. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Lizzy B.
Dearborn, MI

Dr. James Perkins has been my Chiropractor for over 20 years. I am 84 years old and he has kept this old body performing at a much younger age level. There have been times when I had to be carried into his office and with his fine chiropractic knowledge I was able to “run” out after having “limped in”.

Through the years the good doctor (Mr. Magic Fingers) has always found the ways to put me back in healthy shape having suffered knee, back and shoulder problems for these many years, whether it be an adjustment or Matrix Repatterning.

Dr. Perkins excels in not only great GREAT technique, but he and his staff are caring, conscientious, kind – not your usual crack and come back policy of other practitioners.



Prior to my first visit with Dr. Perkins I had a lower back pain that made it impossible for me to get up from a chair without difficulty and pain. Also, I had a severe pain in the heel of my right foot that made it impossible for me to walk without limping which caused problems in my hip and knees.

A friend of ours referred me to Dr. Perkins and I am eternally grateful to them for that referral. Dr. Perkins worked a miracle for me. I am able to get up from any chair without pain, discomfort or assistance. The pain in my heel is completely gone and I am able to walk without any discomfort. I am told that the process that Dr. Perkins used is called Matrix Repatterning. Whatever it is called it worked for me and I am a believer. I also believe I am living a healthier life today with the natural supplements I have added to my diet. Besides I feel Better!

Canton, Michigan

To Dr. Perkins

I want to thank you for your wonderful Matrix work. When we started, I could hardly walk due to some pain left over from a “slip and fall” accident in February, 2000. By the time I found you, my hips, knees and ankles were hurting so bad, I had to pull myself up the stairs. If I tried walking, after a very short time I had such a weight on my back, I had to stop. Now, I can walk without problems and I can go up and down the stairs practically with no discomfort, except some minor stiffness in the morning. Each one of your sessions made me gradually “re-awaken” to the former me. I cannot describe to you what it means to me to be pain-free after all this time and be able to get back to being physically active.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I also want to thank you for helping my husband walk better. He had some major back injury six years ago that prevented him from walking properly. In time, that caused some changes in his calf and foot muscles, which got practically tetanized from lack of use. Thanks to your work, my husband walks much better, for a longer distance, and can stand up straight. Also, the hump that was due to the bad walking posture has disappeared and he can now look up, which he was not able to do for at least the past four years. He asked me to convey his heartfelt thanks too!

Farmington Hills, Michigan

June 12, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

On September 1, 2004, I was involved in an automobile accident. I was rear ended by a car and pushed into a large truck in front of me. I began to suffer from whiplash along with middle and lower back pain. My MRI reports showed a total of seven bulging discs in my spine. Initially, I was only prescribed pain medication. A few months later, I went to physical therapy for more than 25 visits. Next, I went to a pain clinic and received a series of epidural injections in my neck and back. I also received a treatment where spinal nerve endings were burnt. The pain clinic provided me with some relief, but not to the point that I expected. I thought more could be done to provide pain relief.

With many months of monitoring by doctors and conventional physical therapy behind me, I still had little hope of returning to a normal life and my previous job. (My previous job, in the television industry, required long hours, heavy lifting, climbing, bending, etc.) I didn’t know what to do. So, I followed the suggestions of my son and his wife. They suggested that I see their chiropractor. At first, I was very skeptical. I always thought of chiropractors as being “quacks”. After much prodding from my son and his wife, I went to see Dr. James Perkins to inquire about his treatment. I was amazed at what he was able to do for my son during an adjustment. This prompted me to schedule treatment visits, not just for myself, but also for my wife. After my first adjustment, I felt much better. Better than the pain medication, physical therapy, injections, and other treatment put together. After each adjustment I felt better and better.

The severe side effects from a devastating auto accident that I, and my doctors, thought were permanent have virtually disappeared. My rehabilitation was accomplished through conservative chiropractic care and energy healing in the form of Reiki Bodywork, as well as a technique, which is designed to promote healing from trauma at the cellular level, known as Matrix Repatterning. I was so pleased with my results that I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone in similar circumstances. Traditional doctors know a lot, but they don’t know everything! Sometimes Alternative Health Solutions is the answer! Dr. James Perkins of Alternative Health Solutions has helped improve my condition so much that I am looking forward to going back to my previous job this month.

Southfield, Michigan

I met Dr. Perkins at a local lecture on alternative and complementary health care. I am so grateful we met.

I was injured in a serious auto accident in 2000, and suffered from severe headaches, hip discomfort and pain that radiated down my neck, shoulders and arms to the tips of my fingers. I also had tremendous pressure in my ribcage that inhibited my breathing.

I started as a new patient in December, 2003. Dr. Perkins was able to locate and correct injured areas of my spine through Chiropractic. He also used Matrix Repatterning to treat soft tissue injuries around and within my ribcage, along with cranial misalignments which were also a result of the accident. These issues were not addressed medically for three years following the accident.

I have found few chiropractors that apply such varied corrective modalities as Dr. Perkins. My body is very receptive to the subtle, exquisite and highly effective movements used with Matrix Repatterning. Realizing the importance of non-restrictive motion of the body, it is liberating to be set back on track in my healing journey to full functional recovery.

I am also a practitioner of a Native Indian modality and as well as a professional masseuse, working with the body’s communication and promoting stress reduction. I refer my clients and friends to Dr. Perkins to unlock what massage is unable to free up in my clients.

Ann Louise
Canton, MI

Not long after I had become a patient of Dr. Perkins, I was diagnosed with Chiari Type I Malformation, an abnormality of the brain at the junction of the skull and the spine. More tests revealed that while most of my symptoms were attributable to Chiari malformation, I also had cervical spinal stenosis that was considerably more severe. After conferring with the neurosurgeon regarding treatment options, I also discussed this frightening new development with Dr. Perkins who was compassionate and extremely helpful. I decided to go ahead with cervical laminectomy with fusion, meaning that the area was decompressed and titanium rods and screws were inserted from C2-C6. The surgery was considered successful and I experienced some headache relief and significant relief from the pressure in my head almost immediately. However, because it did not address the Chiari malformation, I still had recurring headaches, body pain, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. After an extensive recovery, I returned to Dr. Perkins not knowing if he could even help me anymore.

Over time, Dr. Perkins found ways to improve my condition despite having hardware in my neck, including Matrix Repatterning. While I can’t begin to explain the technique, I can testify to its efficacy. Dr. Perkins could no longer adjust my neck due to the rods and screws, yet the area still needed healing. Matrix Repatterning allowed him to work on my neck and head using only slight pressure. Because of widespread pain and fatigue due to fibromyalgia, he also conducted a full body assessment and was able to correct other areas of past injury as well. While the treatment is typically painless for the patient, I found it quite painful. Dr. Perkins was able to develop a way to continue the treatment without causing me pain by using a surrogate. Over time I have been able to tolerate the treatments without the use of a surrogate and find it extremely beneficial. In my case, he has used Matrix to significantly help treat headaches, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, digestive issues and TMJ.

Virtually all of my family members and many friends have become patients of Dr. Perkins. Some have had Matrix Repatterning treatments with great success. One in particular is my son who, at age 12, suffered a head injury while sledding. We brought him straight to Dr. Perkins who found him to show signs of concussion (eyes not able to track, dizziness, nausea, headache, seemed to be in a daze). After one Matrix treatment, my son was immediately improved, his eyes were able to track, the dizziness and nausea subsided and he was more present. By the next day, he was fully recovered. It was truly amazing.

If you’re reading this testimonial, you are probably already considering alternative healing techniques and are most likely dissatisfied with traditional medicine. My experience with Dr. Perkins and all of his many healing modalities have proven to be the right choice for me and my family.

Farmington Hills

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