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Pediatric Chiropractic

My husband and I have six children. We started bringing them to Dr. Perkins when our regular doctors were pushing all the new vaccines like Hib, Hepatitis B, and now this supposed new vaccine for girls to stop cervical cancer. I feel Dr. Perkins has helped keep my family healthy without all the drugs that traditional medicine so easily gives our children, including antibiotics.

Don’t misunderstand, we need both types of doctors and medicine. It depends on the circumstances, but natural is best. There are so many side effects from drugs.

Dr. Perkins also helped my husband avoid surgery on his sinuses with natural remedies.

Thank you to Dr. Perkins and your helpful and friendly staff.


Dr. Perkins is wonderful with our whole family. My children not only enjoy their visits, they beg to go, because they know they’ll feel better after their visit. He is persistent in solving our health complaints, and takes the time to explain things to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Perkins, as my daughter says, “He is a wonderful kind doctor who makes me feel a lot better”.


I grew up with headaches. Although my own dad went to a chiropractor, my folks never equated something wrong in the neck area, could cause a headache. So I grew up suffering not only from headaches, but also frequent and severe nosebleeds. I couldn’t play tag or be athletic, as that would bring on an excruciating “tension” headache, as the doctor’s called it (and sometimes a nosebleed). The nosebleeds were as often as once a week – seemingly brought on by nothing at all.

Our family medical doctor suggested my parents rub my neck, which only made my headaches worse and gave me nausea. I would walk around like a zombie all day, afraid to move which brought on the throbbing pain and a queezy stomach. If I only had it once in a month, that was a good month. Often I would wake up in the morning with a splitting headache for no apparent reason. Aspirin didn’t help. I would suffer until I was able to take a long nap after school, or bear up under the pain until bedtime. It took hours to fall asleep when the headaches were particularly bad. The only comfort I had, was that when I woke up the next morning, the headache would be gone. These headaches were a dark cloud that hung over me for almost 20 years. I know now that the kind of headache I suffered from is classified as a “classic migraine”, commonly called a “sick headache.”

My parents took me to the doctor for my nosebleeds, who would cauterize the inside of my nostrils with silver nitrate. This was very painful, and never helped the nosebleeds to stop. I had this done several times when I was between 7 and 12 years of age.

When I was in my early 20’s, the headaches began to worsen, and sometimes lasted 2 days. My boyfriend Jim introduced me to his chiropractor, Dr. Gizynski. I eagerly made an appointment with him, and my exam revealed that I had a subluxation of my atlas vertebrae (at the top of the neck), a whiplash injury. I had never been in a car accident, but the rough and tumble of my early childhood was no doubt the cause. Once I began treatment, the headaches began to subside and I had no more nosebleeds. As a young woman, I also experienced frequent painful bladder infections, which also became history.

Since my boyfriend had also been a “chiropractic miracle”, cured from injuries he suffered while working his way through college, he decided to pursue a doctorate in Chiropractic. I ended up marrying my boyfriend, who four years later, earned the title Dr. James Perkins, D.C. It took years of regular chiropractic care before I was headache free. But eventually, it happened! Now I’m in my 50’s, I’ve been adjusted when necessary for 30 years. We’ve raised our children up in the best of health, thanks to the doctor’s knowledge and skill as a chiropractor and naturopath.

It’s easy to forget what a big part of my life those headaches were. But I am often reminded, and feel sad, even angry when I meet others who suffer needlessly like I did. I cannot describe my gratification in seeing others (especially children), receive relief through chiropractic care, that I went without for years of my life. I thank God always, that I was spared an adulthood of debilitating pain, through the miracle of chiropractic.

Farmington Hills, Michigan

I am the lucky mother of three grown children who enjoyed a healthy upbringing through natural health care,… that is without traditional medicine. Thanks to Dr. Perkins, we were able to avoid antibiotics, finger pricks, throat cultures, and injections. We were never the type to rush to the doctor at the first little sniffle. But, when it came time to see a doctor, the first place we went was Alternative Health Solutions. Dr. Perkins was able to pinpoint my kids problems through muscle testing. Whether it was strep, staff, virus, parasites, or allergies. For colds, skin rashes, sleeplessness, upset stomachs, and even ear and toothaches, we followed his recommendations. Instead of a cupboard full of prescription medicines, we had a cupboard full of natural, organic whole food supplements, and homeopathic remedies that really worked. Whether at home or traveling, we always knew what to keep on hand or bring along. Believe me when I say, this saved more than one family vacation from the thing that wrecks the best laid plans – sick kids! What peace of mind we had, compared to so many other families we’ve known while raising our kids.

One year we went to the Michigan State Fair and we put our kids on a water ride, which contained contaminated water. We realized this only too late, when we got their stinking shoes and socks off once home from the fair. Soon after, one of our sons developed a very bad skin rash on his arms and legs, and torso. Through muscle testing (Contact Reflex Analysis), Dr. Perkins determined that our son had been exposed to Staphylococcus (bacterial staff), and his skin was severely infected. He prescribed an oral nutritional supplement made by Standard Process, (organic nutritional supplements), which in time, cleared up the rash. I’ve always thought of the hundreds of children who were also exposed. I wonder if those kids were prescribed creams and salves which may not have addressed the staff infection, perhaps suffering for years, maybe still to this day.

Dr. Perkins has been there for us through everything from fevers and ear infections, to bug bites and soccer injuries. I can’t imagine what we would have done without having someone to put our kids back together, and treat our whole family in a safe, drug free manner that we’ve trusted for over 25 years. How fortunate we have been to have Dr. Perkins knowledge of natural healing.

Farmington Hills, Michigan

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