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Sports Therapy

My husband and I became patients of Dr. Perkins in the mid-1990s. We believe in the alternative health way of life. He has cured us from sinus issues, pneumonia, and back, hip and neck issues with gentle means of care. One time our son sprained his ankle in basketball. He had to be carried into the office, as he could not walk on it, but after Dr. Perkins’ adjustment, our son was able to walk out of the office and go to basketball practice 4 days later. Amazing!

Dr. Perkins also introduced me to Thermascan (infra-red thermal imaging), instead of mammograms. When my husband passed away in August, 2010, Dr. Perkins helped keep my hurting body and health in line.

I thank God for Dr. Perkins’ continued “hand” in my life. Dr. Perkins is the best, and I would go to none other.


Dr. Perkins has been a blessing to me for years. He has helped me overcome and eliminate tons of injuries. There is no doubt that he was a vital part in helping me wrestle in the state finals, even with a badly injured shoulder.

Commerce Township

After a serious car accident almost 20 years ago, I was told by two medical doctors that I would need shoulder and back surgery so that I might be able to play golf and bowl again, among other things.

I have been seeing Dr. Perkins for almost 20 years, have never had any surgery, and play golf 3 days a week now, with only bi-monthly adjustments.

I have referred my entire immediate family and a dozen others, all with similar success for their problems.


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