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HEALTHYDAY App Helps Manage Cold and Allergies

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Healthy AppMcNeil Consumer Healthcare Division has launched a new app to help patients suffering from cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. Known as HEALTHYDAY, this app allows people to diagnose their symptoms on their own and seek out appropriate treatments to get better.

The HEALTHYDAY app was launched at New York City’s Internet Week. It is available for download on Android and Apple phones as of June 9th.

Individualized Symptom Analysis For Your Area

What’s unique about McNeil’s new health app is that it goes beyond simply compiling your symptoms and telling you various health problems that could be linked to them. The app gathers data from the same sources that doctors and hospitals us to diagnose their patients. HEALTHYDAY goes one step further by cross-referencing local, crowd-sourced data to see what health concerns may be apparent in your local area. The patent-pending algorithm assesses weather patterns, healthcare trends, and other factors to better estimate what you are currently going through.

Seasonal Healthcare Alerts

Another unique feature for HEALTHYDAY is the built-in “Illness Alerts” that warns you when common illnesses are trending in your area. The alerts tell you what to watch out for and what you can do to avoid becoming sick. This is especially beneficial for parents with children in school because illnesses can spread so quickly in classrooms. Teach your kid the proper way to wash his hands and avoid contact with sick people to reduce his risk of getting sick himself.

Fast Search Results

The HEALTHYDAY app provides 30 Second Solutions that essentially speed up search results for common health questions. You can get directly connected with the answers you want to read, rather than sifting through dozens of forum posts online. 30 Second Solutions includes advice for a wide variety of concerns, from reducing allergy symptoms to keeping your hands clean in the winter. This is just one more way the app promotes better health when you need it most.

At-Home Treatment And Solutions

If you go to the doctor’s office or Am/PM clinic for your cold of flu symptoms, you could actually put yourself at risk of contracting even more health problems than you have already. Yes, you will be able to get diagnosed and treated while you are there, but you may turn simple allergies into a full-blown cold under the wrong circumstances. Technology like what you can find in HEALTHYDAY takes the risk out of medical management, and it puts you in control of your treatment. Seek a doctor’s advice when needed, but try not to exposure yourself to other sick people unless you have to.



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