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History of Chiropractic Benefits Deafness

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Woman Getting Massage TreatmentChiropractic has had a longstanding impact on the treatment of deafness, even though back problems seem completely separate from hearing problems. It all started with a person named D.D. Palmer. In 1895, a patient named Harvey Lillard came to Palmer because he was deaf in one ear. Palmer was a renowned healer at the time, and he was determined to find a way to cure Lillard’s deafness.

Palmer learned that Lillard had suffered a head injury prior to becoming deaf, so he decided to examine his back for a potential source of the hearing loss. The healer noticed that a vertebra in the upper back was completely out of alignment and pressing right up against the nerves for the ear. Palmer adjusted the vertebra, and Lillard experienced immediate relief. And so began a extensive history of chiropractic and deafness.

Using Vertebral Subluxation To Restore Hearing

The root of many chiropractic miracle stories is a process known as “vertebral subluxation,” which refers to the mechanical compression and irritation of nerves and spinal joints. Many systems in the body are affected by nerves in the back, so it is logical for chiropractic methods to have an impact on more areas than just the spine. In Lillard’s case, a quick adjustment allowed him to restore his hearing entirely.

Causes Of Vertebral Subluxation

  • A Vertebra Gets Misaligned After Slipping Or Falling
  • Poor Posture Results In Severe Spinal Misalignment
  • Joints Swell Due To Damage On The Intervertebral Joint
  • Poor Diet And Bad Drinking Water Cause Inflammation Along The Spine
  • Tight Back Muscles Pull Vertebrae Out Of Place
  • Osteoporosis And Degenerative Changes To The Spine

How Posture Impacts Spinal Problems And Hearing Loss

Many people experience back pain, loss of hearing, and other health concerns due to improper posture. Sitting down at the computer all day and constantly texting on your phone can quickly lead to trouble with your spine. The hunched over position that most people in the modern world assume on a daily basis is incredibly stressful on the spine, neck, and joints as a whole, even if it seems perfectly normal. By learning to sit up straight and focus on proper posture, you can significantly improve the way your body feels and functions in the future.

With the right chiropractic treatment and long-term habit changes, you can dramatically reduce your risk of hearing loss. If you already have partial or full deafness in your ear(s), talk to a chiropractor about possible treatments available for you.

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